Posted by: pdot78 | April 13, 2009

Week 40: Marinepia Nihonkai

Hey everyone,
So this weekend I went to the Aquarium in Niigata with a bunch of my co-teachers and our manager, who also brought her one and a half year old son. He is cute and chubby and one of the most well behaved babies I have ever met and given the number of babies I know that is saying a lot. He walked around pointing at stuff and when you said something to him he would put up his hand and say hi. He even tried to bow to us when we met, it was funny.

The aquarium itself was pretty cool and definitely reminded me of Marineland, particularly during the dolphin show. The show was pretty good and Miki got chosen to go on stage and shake the dolphin’s hand.

The baby was also a monster at sucking back juice. I was blown away. Every time he got a hold of a juicebox he just drank the entire thing in one go. No breaks to get air, nothing.

Another highlight were these tanks you could put your hand in. They contained a special kind of fish that eats at your hand. That being said, the fish went absolutely crazy when I stuck my hand in. I think I had half the tank just on my one hand!

Aside from that we saw a bunch of fish and aquatic things before getting gelato across the street. We also went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant and spent the rest of the day/evening at Hakusan park viewing the cherry blossoms. So where are the pictures of said cherry blossoms? They are coming. Since cherry blossoms apparently only last about a week I spent the greater part of this weekend taking pictures of them. The problem is now that I have so many pictures it will take a short while to filter out the bad ones and I still need to pack for my big move this coming weekend.

Here are the aquarium pictures. This should hold you over until I finish picking through the Sakura shots.



  1. haha aww
    for some reason, the picture of the child beside the plant REALLY reminds me of you at that age….same haircut or something….

    BTW, apparently those little fish are becoming very big in spas for pedicures, their called garra rufa or doctor fish

    And great pictures! Once again, you found me a new desktop pic, can’t wait for Sakura.

  2. Those fish eat dead skin cells off your body. It’s a new spa treatment that started in Japan and slowly moved across the states. Most people put their feet to calves in to eat all the rough skin off. I saw it on Steven and Chris.

  3. Paul first of all that kid is SOOOOOO cute….
    Second of all all those pix reminded me of Marineland as well…
    So what is the next adventure?

  4. Those were some awesome pictures Paul.
    That kid is seriously cute, just looking at him, makes me want to squeeze his chubby cheeks.

    Kyles right those fishes are supposed to be getting big in the spas recently. Not at my spa , but that would be cool

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