Posted by: pdot78 | March 9, 2009

Week 35: The Red Lighthouse


Hey all,

It was nice out this weekend so I planned a little biking route with Randy to check out this lagoon a little ways south of my apartment. We got there fairly quickly and there wasn’t much to see but it had potential for spring so I will check back in April.

We then headed north to the shore to check out a gelato shop and head on the most direct route to that lighthouse I mentioned last weekend. On the way there we noticed some pretty big waves smashing off of the rocks so I stopped and got a picture. The waves weren’t as large while I was stopping but were making pretty big splashes regardless.


Anyways, after having not successfully found a path out to the lighthouse last weekend I looked it up on Google Earth and seemed to find a way around the area that originally blocked me off. When we got there, there turned out to be a series of additional smaller fences blocking off the alternate route we found. We then saw a few people fishing on the other side so we decided to hop the fence and just go anyways. The light house turned out to be easily over a mile out but the breeze coming from the Japan Sea made it a nice walk.

Here she is. Very Red.


One of the things that I either found strange or just didn’t expext was for the red to actually be tiles. The entire tower is tiled red.


After having successfully covered the lighthouse, we decided to take the tunnel on a whim. The tunnel turned out to take us a lot further away then we needed to go but it also brought us to a really cool playground that I will talk about next week. On the way home we were biking along the side of the road and our street wound around a corner and became this bridge. Now Randy and I slowed down before going on because there were no bike lanes but we needed to get over the river and there weren’t any signs saying no bikes. Once we had been on this bridge for a while (as it seemed to continuously wind around) I started getting a thought…..

“Hey Randy”
“I’m pretty sure this might be a highway”
****A plethora of cars come whipping past us at this moment in time*******
“Yup, definitely a highway”
“So we take the next exit then?”

The cars seemed to travel in packs so we were lucky enough to have a shoulder to drive in while the main traffic darted through. We were alone on the off ramp so I came down in the middle as if I were a car. This old Japanese man was riding his bike on the other side of the street when he saw me come smiling down the off ramp and I swear his eyes bulged from his head. He stopped biking and just stared at me. I half thought he was going to turn around and give us a safety lecture!

Anyways, so when I got home it seemed like I had travelled a fairly good distance so I mapped it out. Randy and I biked around 17 miles in the afternoon. I am extremely surprised I am not tired today. Maybe playing with children has given me super human stamina?

Talk to you next week!



  1. I didn’t realize just how close your town is to the sea, your just RIGHT there…Thanks Google earth.

    It also tells me that Mt. Haruna probably has some good cycling judging by the fact it’s one of the biggest and most prominent icons it shows for Japan…….and a big freakin bicycle icon at that……. its about 100 km from Niigata, but maybe an idea for a future adventure? It seems like you will regret not seeing ANY interesting corner of the island while your there, so why not? 🙂

    talk to ya Sunday buddy

  2. I was reading your blog during a group meeting last night, and a group member glanced over my shoulder. He was in awe of the lighthouse being covered with red tile. He then wanted to get your url so he could check out your other posts. I think I snagged yet another reader for you!

    Also, I think you and Randy do need a safety talk! “Accidentally” biking down a highway! With no helmets! I will be shocked if you come home to me in one solid piece!

    There, I’m done my scolding. I can’t wait for more pictures and more posts!

  3. PAUL!!!!! As a kindergarten assistant teacher *and a good one too =o)* I have to say “what were you thinking????” Riding on a highway!!!! well i guess i would expect that from you… anyways the lighthouse looks very pretty

  4. Well sounds like you got enough lecturing from everyoone else so I wont go there.
    But your light house looks really nice, Im suprised its made of tiles too. Im enjoying your pictures

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