Posted by: pdot78 | March 2, 2009

Week 34: Construction Buddies


Hello Canada,

Who are my green friends you might be asking? Well I shall tell you. They are what I am going to term construction buddies. Instead of using pylons to link together the poles construction compamies use to block off areas, they use animals. Winter is fading and it was a nice day for a walk yesterday so I wandered around looking for them. I have found three different models that are in use, each possibly by a different company. I shall introduce them.  The first ‘team’ consists of a racoon and cat combination. The racoon is on one side and on the other is the cat. They are always facing the same direction, regardless of how many there are. I didn’t even notice they were different until I was coming back and all of the cats had turned into racoons!


The second two models are a monkey and a frog. I like the frog the best but the monkey is a close second. They are both so incredibly happy and random that I thought I should share it with you guys.  Let me know which one you like the best.


Aside from those guys, I went on a six mile walk trying to find this red lighthouse that is apparently in my city. I didn’t think it was as far away as it actually was and when I got there the area  I was in was completely blocked off. This of course means that I am now determined to figure out how to get there properly. I also  took my bike to a small japanese shop today to get fixed. The old man who worked and owned it looked at me when I came in so I pointed to my bike outside. He gestured for me to bring it in then pointed to a stool so I sat down. He went right to work and fixed it pretty quickly before I paid him and was on my way. Other then that I am taking my bike back to find that lighthouse next weekend and will be doing a run down the shoreline when it gets warmer out.

Take Care Everyone



  1. I like the frog the best. It seems to be surprised by where the pole is positioned.

    The monkey just looks indifferent to it.

  2. All four are adorable! Only the Japanese would think of taking something as mundane and frustrating as construction and make it cute!

    I still think you should bring home a frog for me.

  3. bring one home?

    could construction buddies replace lawn gnomes and street signs as THE things to steal?

  4. Monkey…. All of them are very adorable but i liked the monkey one the best

  5. I have to say i like the monkey the best, but im a little bias, moneys are my favorite, and plus look how strong he is holding it up!

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