Posted by: pdot78 | February 16, 2009

Week 32: Valentines Day


Hello Everyone,

Those are some of the Valentines I got from girls at my school. I teach most of them, some of them I don’t but they apparently love me anyways. The most common thing I got was a clear baggie with chocolates that the girls must have assembled at home.  In Japan Valentines Day is completely backwards when compared to the Western version. Valentines Day is actually for boys here. It is generally understood that girls should be the ones giving presents (usually chocolate) to the boys. Now before anyone with an extra X chromosome gets upset, there is still a day for men to give presents to women. On March 14th they celebrate “White Day” in which it is generally expected that the male who received a gift must reciprocate with at least twice as much.

Aside from that my babies are the only eventful thing in my work week because they are hilarious. Here are my baby stories.

The first one involved a baby who cannot walk yet and one who can. The baby who can’t walk usually just crawls around and sits upright for a break, then resumes crawling. One of the other babies who can walk was doing laps around me and then tripped over the baby who was sitting. He then gets up, walks over to the sitting baby who just looks at him and open palm smacks him on the head! The sitting baby just sat there looking at him but I thought it was amusing.

My second thing was this past Saturday when one of the babies for some reason decided that the number four was the most hilarious thing he has ever heard. Every time we counted, he stayed completely calm and quiet until we got to the number four from which he bursts out laughing and giggling and then stops once we move on to the later numbers. He did it the whole class, I just don’t get babies but they sure are funny.

I suppose my third thing is watching a baby learn rage. He’s around a year old and used to either do nothing or cry when things didn’t go his way. He now crunches his face and starts growling and shakes his hands around. It really is quite funny, I think he is trying to make himself cry but I couldn’t really tell. He also gets really jealous if his mom pays attention to any of the other babies. One sat in his moms lap and he ran over, sat down beside him and started trying to push him out and make his angry face.

Lastly, was my older baby who is mixed in with the one that loves four and the raging one. He is a year and a half and the other two are about one. We were playing with the shape thing (it’s one of those cylinders with holes fitting only one specific shape) and the older baby quickly put all the shapes in while the younger one was banging his against a table across the room. After deciding the younger baby wasn’t going to figure it out, I started to sing the “put away” song. Well the older one understands the put away song but decided we couldn’t put them away with the blue circle missing. He picks up the cylinder, walks over to the younger baby and starts holding the cylinder in his direction assuming he knows what to do. He doesn’t. The older one then begins pushing the cylinder against the blue circle in the babies hand (maybe hoping it will fall in?) with little or no results. He then gives up, knocks the circle out of the babies hand, walks over to where it rolled, picks it up, stuffs it into the cylinder and puts the toy away on the shelf! It might not sound that amusing from this end but I thought it was worth sharing.

Alright, thats about it for this week.

Take Care!



  1. lol the way your drawn in the picture is the best, your

    b)have buck teeth protruding through a frown
    c)your right hand is a heart
    d)%50 of your height is neck
    e)that height is equal to that of a Japanese toddler

  2. oh, and Amie, you might want to inquire about this “Moe”, she sounds just a little too friendly

  3. Oh this “Moe” is aware of my presence and what will happen if this goes past little love notes. She may end up missing a few crayons!

  4. Hahhahah you two are funny
    Paul i have some funny stories for you from my kindergarten class

  5. uh Jazz? this is about Paul here.

    Make you own blog lol 😉

  6. I love your little kids, they jsu sound soo freaking adorable *4*hahaha makes me laugh

    In vietnam Valentines Day is pretty huge too, people sell, chocolates, flowers, and balloons all over the streets.

    did you remember to buy something for the little girls on Mar 11th

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