Posted by: pdot78 | February 8, 2009

Week 31: Vacation Part 3 – Tokyo

Hey Canada,

This is the last vacation post, I promise. Here is what Amie had to say, it’s more or less exactly what happened. Tokyo is a loud, busy city through and through.

We arrived in Tokyo, and had another adventure trying to figure out how to get to our hotel. The subway line we wanted was supposed to be out of Tokyo station, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. After walking a couple blocks in the underground, and chasing after signs that led to a parallel line, we finally found our subway station. We get to the hotel and fell in love with the decor and modern feel. After a quick unpack, and half-nap, we went on another adventure. This time we wanted to check out the Imperial Gardens and maybe head to the Ginza district.

We couldn’t get into the gardens from the side of the grounds we were on, and started to walk towards the Ginza district. After realizing the scale on our maps, we decided to take the subway. We got out in Ginza, and wow! What a busy district! Crazy designer shopping, the Sony headquarters and trial centre, massive karaoke buildings! It is rumored that if you take the highest denomination of a bank note in Japan, fold it up as small as it can go, and through it randomly on the ground in Ginza, that note will not be able to buy the cm2 it lands on.

We wandered around Ginza for a bit, stopped at Tokyo tower and then headed to Shibuya, the other shopping district for supper. If we thought Ginza was busy, Shibuya had 10 times the amount of people! This was teenage to mid twenties shopping heaven. So many department stores, restaurants, and crazy odd stores everywhere! We wandered around like the tourists we are and eventually found a great little restaurant in the basement of a shopping building. This place definitely did not have any English. And once again, Paul came to the rescue! This time, without his little book of phrases! I had an assortment of sushi and Paul had yakatori. It was really good. We amused ourselves during supper by naming and joking around with the fish in the tank in front of us.

Busy 4 way crossing at Shibuya

We found a little stand that sold the Japanese version of a dessert crepe and ate our fill on our way to the subway station back to the hotel.

The next day we had another Tokyo adventure. This time it was in Harajuku. Wikitravel told us that Harajuku on Sunday mornings was the place to go because of the Freak Show. People from all the different subcultures in Japan line the paths in the park for other people’s amusement. We got to Harajuku, and there were little to no freaks, just a huge throng of people heading somewhere in the park. So we followed the crowd. We were taken to the biggest temple in Tokyo with the group of people who were making their first temple visit of the year. There had to be well over 10,000 people waiting to say their prayers at the temple. We didn’t wait. Instead we walked back out to Harajuku proper and wandered around the shopping area. These stores are the famed Harajuku independent stores. We found a place for lunch, really cheap tempura bowls for about 600 yen, and we were stuffed!

Ridiculous amount of people at the Meji Shrine, Wishes being hung up for good luck and some lanterns on the way.

We went back to the hotel and had a quiet night in with a convenience store supper. We didn’t want to talk about how I had to leave the next day.

Side note from Paul: Alright so maybe I wanted to add one thing. We watched an awesome Japanese T.V. show the last night. It was essentially manhunt. About 12 people are let loose in a city and they have an hour to run around and not get caught by these guys running around in suits and sunglasses (like men in black if you remember that movie). They are all connected by ear buds and if one spots a person they all go after them. The more time passes, the more money goes to whoever is left. Eventually there are tasks the people have to accomplish and the suit guys get a helicopter for some reason. It was wicked!

Heres the pictures, I was kind of pictured out by now so I didn’t take very many:

Also, heres all the pictures that had me and Amie in them for those of you who complain that nobody’s ever in mine.



  1. Yes! I get the first post lol

    Firstly, what IS the largest bank note in Japan anyways? is it ‘to the power of’ something? One trillion, squared?

    Also, that’s the Japan I want to see, busy metropolitan districts filled to the brink with just about everything haha

    But don’t worry Amie, we’ll have him back soon enough…..just not soon enough for me 🙂 miss you buddy

  2. Haha Oh Kyle, we can only share Paul for so long.

    The bank note thing is that bank note couldn’t buy the area, square cm of land it lands on. Also something from WikiTravel we thought we would share.

    I’m just happy that I get to steal him away to meet my massive family for a week in August, just after he gets home from his UK adventure.

  3. YOu two sound like you had an amazing break… that’s awesome and thx for sharing all of the pictures and yes you all know that I’m the one that complains about paul never posting pictures of himself and people he hangs out with, and only posting pictures of nature…. even though nature is beautiful as is Japan, I do want to see you guys too

  4. You were at Meiji-jingu on New Year’s too?? We might have seen each other!! You know, among the TRILLIONS of other people who were also there.

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