Posted by: pdot78 | December 18, 2008

Week 22: Santa Time

Hey everyone,

So this weekend was fairly mellow. I went bowling with Randy and his lady friend. The bowling alley was exactly the same except for one thing….your bowling shoes come from a machine. The shoes are set up in these locker type vending machines. You put your money in and then shoes fall out, its wicked!

Aside from that I have made a lot of children cry this week. The first is an almost 2 year old. She loves my class so much that when we started singing the “put away” song, she started taking the original stuff back out , which then led to her sitting on her book, refusing to accept that the class was ending. A few minutes later when we started singing the “goodbye” song, she realized it was over and started to cry because she didn’t want to leave, haha.

In addition to the good tears I have made at least 10 babies cry today alone. I have been dressing up as Santa all week and most of the younger children love it. The boys run away screaming “Santu” as if im some kind of hilarious monster and the girls hug your leg and ask for “present!”. The opposite spectrum are the babies, who either smile and are generally curious about the costume…….. or are deathly afraid of it and have a complete nervous breakdown the second I show up dressed as the big man in red.

I think thats all I have that is new for this week. I am planning my super awesome vacation with Amie this coming weekend and I get to execute my plan of said vacation in 8 days! I am super excited.

O and the picture is the next street over from my apartment. Every tree is lined with Christmas lights for about a mile. It s no festival of lights, but it will certainly suffice.



  1. I think the kids would warm up to Santu more if he was offering candy canes and oranges. Need me to bring candy canes?

    I leave in 8 days, and see you in nine!

    Almost time for “Amazing Paul and Amie’s Japanese Adventure!”

  2. Did you have any presents for them??? If not what kind of a Santa were you???

  3. Paul, you really have to stop making kids cry, you’re becoming pro at it haha.
    Santa Paul, hehe, I can picture it already.
    We need those shoes machines here, that’ll be cool. when you come home Paul, we have to go bowling, i just got better all of a sudden. Can’t wait till you get home

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