Posted by: pdot78 | December 8, 2008

Week 21: Disneyland, Tokyo

Hey everyone,

So we went to Disneyland this weekend. It was awesome! The weather was absolutely perfect. The sky was so clear we could see Mt. Fuji in the distance which almost never happens for me when I go to Tokyo or the general area. We would have had a great view of it from our Hotel but we didn’t get to checking in until after the park and it was too cloudy the next day.

As soon as we came into the park, Randy and I went to the Haunted Mansion ride to meet up with some of our friends and found that the wait for the ride had backed up to a comfortable wait time of 180 minutes. Thats crazy! We decided to get the fast track tickets (its a system they have at this park where you can get a ticket for a later time and completely skip the line if you come at your time) for that ride and then met up with the rest of our group in the front. It turned out that every single ride at Disneyland had about a 2 hour wait time because it was just so packed. NutsWe started off with the Star Tours ride because it ended up having no wait time!

The ride itself is terrible but I get so excited seeing all the Star Wars stuff on the way in that it is definitely worth it. After this the other girls finally got out of the Haunted Mansion and we had lunch before making our way over to an awesome Canoe thing and Splash Mountain. We waited in line at the Canoe thing for about 30 minutes which wasn’t bad because it was fun. Splash Mountain was at least 2 hours but it was still a good time so I can’t say anything bad. We did Big Thunder Mountain next and then had dinner at an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. After Randy rode the teacups because they are apparently his favorite thing in the world. I have literally never seen anyone this happy. After that we did the its a small world ride and hit up the racetrack because the wait time was only 10 minutes. I should also mention that all the wait times went down once it got dark. After that we used our pass things and did the Haunted Mansion and then Winnie the Poohs Hunny Hunt, which was just really messed up and would be more appropriately titled “Poohs Acid Trip”. We also caught the nightly light Parade, which was awesome and had a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Like this cat.

After this we did Space Mountain and called it a night as the park closed and we had to leave. The next day we went to the Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo. I set up everything with the Tobu line for when Amie comes and then went home. Thats pretty much it, it was awesome.

Heres the pictures. Half of them are Yoshies as I was too lazy to take pictures of everything and I have a habit of not taking pictures with people in them.



  1. Holy Crazy Line-ups Batman!

    …16 days…

  2. So I think they need that system here as well…. Wonderland lines are too long so that sounds good

  3. I’ve always wondered what Disney would be like in Japan, actually even in Florida haha. I’ve never been . I cant believe the line ups were that long. that’s intense man.
    Paul I love the fact that i saw pictures of you in this album, that doesn’t happen too often.

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