Posted by: pdot78 | December 5, 2008

Week 20.5: Mid Week Pre Disney Post

Hey guys,

I figure I will have a lot to say when we get back from Disneyland this weekend so I thought I would share my stories now before I forget. They’re nothing crazy but I never talk about my kids so I thought I should share.

I have one boy in a private baby/mother class that is awesome. He loves the lessons and is really trying to talk. The last two weeks when we have sung rain rain go away, he claps, and tries to sing along but it just comes out as “maim maim ma ma maim”. He also tries to clap and sways back and forth with everyone but because his body seems to lack control he goes all out each way, much like a buoy in water.

Anyways, so we were doing an activity with these coloured balls and he likes to help me clean up so when it came time to put everything away he logically joined in. The funny part was that he had the ability to pick up about three balls but kept trying to get the fourth one too, which caused him to drop the first three. It was pretty funny and kind of reminded me of that fat mouse from Cinderella trying to carry too much corn.


Other then that I have two girls who fight over who gets to hold my hand when we make a circle in class. The one who doesn’t get to hold my hand holds a grudge against the other for the rest of the class, its pretty funny. I also had a girl run her head straight into the wall this week. We were racing to touch one of the flash cards and she dove for it but went straight into the wall. By the time I got her to stop crying it was time for her mom to come in and hear the lesson explanation. We set up and try the slap race game again, and she totally does it again, me and her mom thought it was hilarious.

Alright, Disney in a few days!



  1. What? No admission to how you also bumped your head in a demonstration of the game? I am schocked!

    18 more days!

  2. I did that once.

    Of course, I don’t like doing things half assed, so it involved a brick wall.

    Stupid 4th grade.

    Hell, who am I kidding, it was last week.

  3. That little boy sounds cute… and you should’ve helped him instead of laughed

  4. Awww poor little girl, I feel bad for her.
    The boys sooo cute, I would love to see these kids. you should take some pictures of them Paul.

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