Posted by: pdot78 | December 1, 2008

Week 20: Toki Messe Food Festival

Hey all,

So this weekend I went to the Niigata Food Festival in Toki Messe, which is a large convention center we have in Niigata, The festival consisted of the best foods and Sakes the Niigata Prefecture has to offer. There wasn’t a whole lot to tell about the festival itself aside from the performances. They were fairly enjoyable and I have decided to use videos and pictures to help tell my story this week.

We are waiting in line for some sort of dessert and then I hear some booming laughter from the other side of the arena…..little did I know that a skeleton and ape had taken over the stage to terrorize the crowd.

Obviously I should have foreseen their banishment by what I can only assume is a Japanese Power Ranger. The funny thing about this was that after fighting them, they had some sort of Rap-off, in which they went back and forth until the skeleton and ape had gotten beat up AND shamed for their inability to fight and rhyme!

After this came 3 traditional Japanese performances.

The first was a traditional dance from Sado Island called the Ondeko or in simpler terms, the demon drum dance. It’s origins are not known but all the sources seem to point in the direction of China. There are three main styles of Ondeko, all of which involve a demon or two dancing around a shrine. I think this style is the Kuninaka, which originated by a man named Kiyofusa Ukyo Homma at the Katagami Ushio shrine on Sado between 1716 and 1735. The demon ran around the arena, got in everyones faces and made most of the smaller children cry. The kids who weren’t afraid ran over, yelled at him and then ran back to hide in this giant wooden log the kids were playing in (originally used for making Sake I do believe).


The second performance was a drum group who I couldn’t find anything about. Sorry, its super cool though!

Japanese Drum Thing

Last was a group of Japanese people performing some sort of traditional dance that I can only assume was a Bon Odori. They were pretty good. Everyone had really creepy smiles and I didn’t understand the guy in the back running around with the plant in the air but thats all part of the fun! Next week is Disney!

Japanese Bon Odori Dance



  1. Wow! That Bon Odori was intense!
    All this talk about the entertainment, but what about the whole reason behind the festival: the FOOD! lol
    Did you try anything weird and exciting?

  2. I agree with Amie… how was all the food??????

    I enjoyed watching the drumming video the best… it was REALLY good

  3. I’ve always wondered what a rap battle between 3 japanese television characters is like….. and YOUR the one who finally finds out, pfffffff.

    p.s. did you sample any sake here or in your travels yet? What’s it like?

  4. How was the food? good? wierd?
    Thats some intense drumming there,you should try hehe

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