Posted by: pdot78 | November 24, 2008

Week 19: Rain Season


Hey Everyone,

The original plan for this weekend(or next weekend) was to go climb Mt. Azuma in Fukushima but its apparently closed for the winter and won’t be open again until around April. It’s definitely worth waiting for as it has a large neat looking crater and 5 different coloured ponds at its base.

Since we couldn’t go to Fukushima my weekend consisted largely of running around town picking up things I need and booking everything for the trip to Disney on the 7th and 8th.

This week was parent observation week at my school so all of the younger students brought their parents into class with them. All of the classes went great, especially this class I have with two crazy 3 year olds who usually wrestle with each other for half the class. Anyways, the class is over and I am about to tell them to open the door to leave and one comes running up to me and since he was just hugging my leg a minute or so ago I assumed he was doing that again……..until he punched me square in my man area! I slouched a little and let out a short gasp of air while the mothers, who were there for parent observation just laughed as I don’t think they realized where their child hit me.

I suppose my other thing to say about this week is that it has been raining non-stop here for at least a week. I was riding my bike when the now hourly downpour hit and I took out my umbrella but it was so windy I had to wedge it under my arm and grab the handle half way up. This worked for most of the way there until I pulled into the parking lot for my building and got slammed by a gust of wind that not only completely collapsed and destroyed my umbrella, it half knocked me off my bike. When I hastily parked my bike and ran under the cover to the back door I saw Randy’s arguably much nicer umbrella in a broken heap thrown in the corner and felt much better!



  1. Oh, Wow! Kids are horrible!

    And, do you have a new umbrella now?

    I’m bringing warm mitts, toque and scarf with me.

  2. hahahaha

    kamikaze child: “boonnnzzzaaaiiiiiii!!!!!!!”
    Paul: “………….*gasps and keels over*……..”

    And hey, we’ve seen temperatures below -10 here already, so the rain can’t be that bad!

    miss you snookums

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