Posted by: pdot78 | November 17, 2008

Week 18: Chrysanthemum Flower Festival

Hey Canada,

So this weekend Yoshie, Aki and her sister Yuu went to the Chrysanthemum Flower Festival in Yahiko. It was pretty cool despite having rained the entire time. Its a festival to celebrate the changing of leaves in fall. There were leaves, there were flowers, it was nice. The highlight of my day was not the flowers or the leaves……it was Randy and his date!

My coworker Randy was going on a date with a girl to the same flower festival. When I found out we were both going at the same time I had joked that we were going to stalk him and make wooing noises. Well it turned out that we saw him there but he did not see us. I went in as close as I could dancing around, making faces and generally being silly and as creepy as humanly possible but he didn’t see me! I think my stealth ability may be better then I thought. He did eventually come walking in our direction so we hid under the bridge but when I told him about this today he had no idea we were even there! The picture basically summarizes both the silliness and the stealthiness. Randy and his date are the people to my right (the shaved head and the girl in the pink sweater).


Another funny story from this week happened in my baby class. I teach 3 9 or 10 month olds and their mothers in one of my baby classes and they like to crawl on me and around me and are generally excited to be around me. They started trying to form my name but so far the best we get are Paaaa or OOOOALLLL We were using these colorful stickers this week and i stuck one on my forehead and the babies just loved it. When they get excited they either try to clap, wave their hands excitedly, or bend their knees a little bit so they hop. Anyways, the oldest baby somehow decided it was the cool thing to do so he found a sticker and stuck it to his forehead and then the other two babies followed the example, it was pretty fun.

Alright, that mountain is coming up either next weekend or the one after. Disney is the weekend after that, Yamagata the weekend after, and after that its my fun week with Amie!

Heres the pictures, enjoy!



  1. Paul you know I love all the photos but these are by far my favourite ones….

    P.S. When you do come back to Canada, I am never telling you where I’m going on a date, as I don’t want any pictures of you jumping around as you stock me… ok?

    P.SS How are you feeling?

  2. WOW i love that picture of you

  3. Such a winner!

    So cute, the story about the baby classes. Apparently kids love you 🙂

    Almost 5 weeks! And you have so many things to do in that time, it’s going to go by so fast!

  4. First, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today, I actually laughed out loud when I saw the picture.
    For some reason, that seems like something out of Kenny vs. Spenny, minus the competition.

    Second, those pictures are stunning.

    Third, Japan has a Disney world?

    Fourth, no one wants to go on a date with Jazz anyways.

  5. p.s.
    can you send me a copy of the picture right after “JP32”? It needs to be my new desktop

  6. Paul post more often. This posting was funny. P.S. Treat Amie right and shower her with gifts when she comes.. or else *Shakes fist* . No joke.. i’ll find you when you come back to Canada and Haunt you!. Cheers! Keep the posts coming!

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