Posted by: pdot78 | November 11, 2008

Week 17.5: Zushi

Hey guys,

After last weeks post I literally only slept for 2 hours before catching the Shinkansen to Tokyo with the other teachers. Funny thing about the train though……we weren’t on the right one.

We were on the right train in the sense that we were going where we needed to be going. We were on the wrong train in the sense that we were going to be getting where we needed to be about an hour late, which in turn caused us to arrive at follow up training just over an hour late as well. Once we realized this, some of the Japanese teachers with us got really nervous while the foreign teachers (Randy and myself) saw this as one hour of follow up training that can now be spent legitimately asleep. The mad back and forth dash around Tokyo station was pretty fun too as we had become those crazed busy japanese people I talked about in one of the earlier posts.

Anyways, the training was actually in Zushi, a small town southwest of Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean. It apparently has a great view of Mt. Fuji as well but it was too hazy to see anything. When we arrived an hour late and were met with cheers and clapping, I took a bow and knew that the next two days were going to be awesome.

Yup. Follow up training was amazing. Everyone there was super fun, the food was great and the hotel they put us in was nice. Compared to the dull, prison like annex we lived in during initial training this place ruled. Even the two guys in my room with me were awesome, I couldn’t have picked it better myself. There were also a lot of Canadians in this group. Two from the Guelph/Waterloo Area, one(possibly two) from Toronto, 2 from Nova Scotia, one from Vancouver, and myself. Training itself was very informative and we had a blast. Thats pretty much all I did this week. I should be going back to Yahiko soon for a fall leaf changing festival along with a trip back to Fukushima to climb Mt. Azuma with Yoshie and Randy but I will keep you updated.

The picture is the sun rising from our balcony in the Hotel in Zushi. I figured I should take at least one picture while I was there.



  1. sounds like a good time! remember to wear a coat next time you climb a mountain. is there any any cool animals there? i was just wondering since you never mention anything like that. do they have squirrels?

  2. I very much second Steph’s comment! We don’t need another sick Paul!

    It would be great to have a random post on the hilarity that ensues in your classes. You being a great storyteller and all would make it a great read!

    Miss you and almost 6 weeks!

  3. Oh Paul,
    I’m so frickin’ jealous.

    Does this mean I can come visit you in Japan? haha

  4. sounds like the public transportation there is almost as confusing as it is here…..

    just make sure you get lots of pictures of this leaf changing festival….I got a few good fall pictures here, but I want to see something a little more exotic 🙂

    p.s. do you actually read these comments anyways? 😉

  5. Hey there – Finally got around to actually leaving a comment! I “have” been following your adventures – wouldn’t miss it for the world. So you sing backup too??? When’s the CD coming out anyway? Oh that Bach – it is soooo easy to screw up. He was a feindish devil that Johann Sebastian – writing a piece that would tourment music students for the next 300 years. That cello is the coolest thing. Where did your friend find it? And what’s this about climbing yet another mtn? Stop it already, would ya! I haven’t been more than a few meters above sea level since Nepal. Keep enjoying your Japan adventure!

  6. Paullllllllllllll
    I miss you… we all do….
    Glad you are having fun tho and this trip went well

  7. Ok guys, I guess I will go in order….

    Steph, No squirrels. I basically don’t see any animals at all now that I think about it.

    Ema, of course you can come visit me. You can teach me how to actually take pictures!

    Kyle, yes I read them! They are my favorite part about this!

    Brad, Its called the ‘silent cello’. I think you can buy them in special instrument stores, they are awesome but insanely expensive! My friend rents his for about $110 a month. Nuts! O and I will continue to climb mountains at your displeasure until you come join me!!

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