Posted by: pdot78 | November 3, 2008

Week 16: Open Mic pt. 2

Hey guys,

This one is going to short as I have a conference in Tokyo I need to leave for in about 6 hours and i still need to pack, finish my presentation and try to get some sleep.

I played the open mic again this month. It went alright. We completely threw our piece together last minute for this. The first time we jammed one of the songs was yesterday and the first time we played the second was a few hours before we performed it today. We did Invention No. 8 by Bach and Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. I completely zoned out while playing the Bach song during the open mic while playing causing us to have a laugh and give it a go again, but by that point I was thinking about the first time i messed it up and psyched myself out, causing the second attempt to fail.

We then had the crowds interest so we continued on and played nothing else matters well enough. They were happy with that and I wanted to finish what we started so we went back and played the Bach song well, ending with a thunderous applause because the crowd really wanted us to get it right. Anyways, after that ordeal I come back to find out that none of it was recorded.

This time I had taken almost every precaution to make sure that it was recorded properly but somehow there was a breakdown. I bought new batteries so nothing would chance it. I brought my tripod so nobody could walk in front of the camera. We even came early to get the table in the front with the best view. The camera was angled perfectly, leaving only the simple task of pushing the record button while I was on stage and yet one of my friends somehow didn’t push the button properly as it did not record. Boo.

Luckily enough I recorded us messing around with the songs earlier today so you guys can at least get some sort of idea about what we played.

Invention No. 8 & Nothing Else Matters



  1. Hey… I just got around to watching it and it’s AMAZING…. good job both of you

    So are you having fun in Tokyo and btw what are you doing there anyways?

  2. that sounded great! And I’m glad the open mic went well-ish, but then kicked ass lol

    P.S. if you want to start throwing classical songs in there too, might I suggest trying pathetique by Beethoven, its sounds great on guitar or piano, easy to pick up, and should work with 2 instruments……..or if you want a challenge, Paganini’s 16th caprice jk

    I hope the conference is going/went well! good luck

  3. and hearing you play nothing else matters really brings back memories, of, well, you playing that song lol

    Aww miss ya, come back to us

  4. Finally saw the video, and as always, the Virtuoso came out. Very well done! Really too bad the night of video didn’t work out. Maybe next time! And it’s great to know that cello guy is interested in doing it again!

    Almost 6 weeks!

  5. WOW Paul
    Sounds great. You 2 did an awesome job. Too bad the open mic video didn’t work out too well, and you planned out everything so perfectly too. Next time I guess you will just have to push the record button yourself hehe.
    How did your presentation go? hopefully well
    Come home soon ^_^
    By the way, is that your apartment?

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