Posted by: pdot78 | October 20, 2008

Week 14: Cut? Short?

Hey guys,

So I finally balked up the courage to go get my haircut. It was a fun experience. I came in, the receptionist spoke enough English to tell me she didn’t know any. I then met the hairdresser who also didn’t speak any English. He began trying to figure out what to say or do to figure out what I wanted so I took out my license and pointed to the picture. He took a look then got excited and said: CUT!!!! SHORT!!!!! and I was like sure!!

So we got through the entire process using only those two words, haha. He would cut and if i wanted it shorter i would raise my hand and he would energetically respond with SHORT….. CUT!!!! Japanese haircuts also involve massages and multiple hair washing/drying. When they do that they put a piece of paper over your face, not exactly sure why. Most likely to relax the process. The entire experience took about an hour and 20 minutes but they did an awesome job for the two words we had to work with.

Other then that I didn’t do anything overly exciting this week outside of work. Halloweens coming up and I am making everyone at work dress up. I also have the next open mic and a conference I have to go to in Tokyo in 2 weeks but aside from that nothing.

Since everyone keeps complaining that none of my pictures have me in them I made an album that is exclusively filled with pictures of me. They mostly consist of pictures from Japan, Spain and Alberta. Have fun with it.

Pictures I am actually in:



  1. I wish they had given you a crazy japanese hair cut!
    and i also wish i could get my hair cut there, that sounded relaxing 🙂

  2. Thank you for putting up photos with you in them, AND for putting your week number in your blog name 🙂

  3. Hey Paul
    I can’t believe your hair cut took that long… Mine don’t take that long and my hair is A LOT longer than yours
    Thx for posting up these pix…. FINALLY

  4. lol I second the motion of you getting a crazy asian haircut, what do you think, shaved on the sides, long in the front, with lots of highlights? I think it could work for you

    and hey, sounds like in Japan, even haircuts involve ‘happy endings’ 😉

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