Posted by: pdot78 | October 15, 2008

Tsuruga-jo Castle, Aizu

Hey guys,

This weekends trip to Fukushima to check out the Tsuruga-jo Castle was infinitely better then the trip to Sado!

We just barely caught the only direct train there early Sunday morning. The train took us through rivers, country-side and some mountain ranges. It took us about 3 hours to get there and the weather was beautiful throughout the day.

My Brief History of the Tsuruga-jo Castle

The first models of the castle were built in 1384 by ASHINA Naomori and Moriuji. A 7 story version of the Castle the one we have now was originally built in 1591 by GAMO Ujisato but later destroyed by the big earthquake of 1611. It was rebuilt by KATO Akinari as a 5 story castle in 1639. This is the version we have today.

The original castle itself was destroyed in the Boshin Civil War. Troops of the new government pushing for the Meiji Restoration attached it in 1868 and it was later demolished in 1874. In 1934 they finally declared the Castle ruins a national historical site and the 5 story tower was rebuilt in 1965.

The Place was much more touristy then the Okayama Castle but it was a little bigger and seemed to have a slightly more interesting history then Okayama . The inside was very much a museum but the architecture was fun.

We also went to Oyakuen Garden. It was pretty cool. It originated in the 1380s as a sacred medicinal garden. Most of the plants in the actual garden had bit the dust for winter but the Garden was still elaborate and enjoyable.

Last on the list was a Samurai Village that I can’t tell you about because everything I could read about it was in Japanese. It was really awesome and surprisingly big. Highlights included a very traditional washroom, suicide rooms, and a rice cleaning mill. I also got to shoot a bow and arrow at some hay which was a lot of fun!

Ok, heres the pictures. I was going to lump the Sado Island pictures with these ones but I took too many so they are now two separate slideshows. Enjoy!

Sado Island:




  1. Wonderful photos! It’s great to see them all organized in one spot now, with all the other fantastic shots you’ve been keeping from us!
    I’m really excited that you saw my city! Isn’t Aizu amazing? All tucked into the mountains, peaceful, and so friendly!
    See you very soon.

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures Paul, are you sure you took them all? I’m beginning to think that you are a) just scanning pictures out of a book or b) taking pictures off the internet and claiming they are yours lol… But no really they are pretty amazing.i love how you are just even taking pictures of the littlest things like flowers and insects. so bright and vibrant. Miss you paul!!

  3. Paul i’m in love with the pictures… but you already know that… they are beautiful and they are in a folder named “japan” that’s in my documents
    Keep taking pictures and posting them… This way it’s like we’re with you a little bit

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