Posted by: pdot78 | October 9, 2008

Sado Gold Mine and Open Mic

Ohayo Gozaimasu,

I had an eventful weekend. I went to Sado Island with Randy on Sunday and played the open mic with Drew on Monday. In short, Sado was ok and the open mic was awesome!

We played at a place called Goiya Mia. It is an Italian restaurant that hosts a very popular open mic once a month. I played with a guy from Ottawa named Drew that I met last week. He has a great voice for rock so we did Outside by Staind and Everlong by the Foo Fighters. They went over really well and we both had a great time playing. There was one Japanese guy who was just loving it (not the guy in the video, he was just moderately appreciating it), haha it was fun. I also got contacted by a guy who plays cello after and it seems like I might be playing an acoustic duet with him next time. We are going to do Nothing Else Matters by Metallica with a Cello and an Acoustic Guitar! I hope he still wants to because that would be phenomenal.

Before you watch the video for outside, I have some funny little things to watch for.

A) I shush the crowd in right before we start. Drew scolds me for shushing the crowd and we both have a laugh about it.

B) My mic was not secure and began slipping too low so I try to get the attention of our friend Peter with an unsuccessful head nod (he comes up and takes a picture or two at the front).

C) I then try to get Drew to fix it and eventually he gets it, but just at a part where we both need to sing so it slips back down immediately and some random Japanese person comes and helps me as I cannot stop playing.

Ya, that’s pretty much it. Open Mic Ruled. Heres the videos:



Alright so Randy and I went to Sado Island. The island itself is famous for its Tarai-bune boat rides, the Nibbo bird, a few temples, many natural rock formations along the coast(most notably Ohno-game) and the Sado Gold Mine. We took the 6am ferry with hopes of covering as much of these attractions as we could in the day but quickly found that the bus system they have in place is only next to completely useless.

The ferry was great. Lots of space, quiet, comfortable; all in all a great trip. The island itself was pretty typical of a smaller harbor town so there was nothing new there. I actually successfully used some of the Japanese I am teaching myself when I asked one of the workers where we had to get on the bus we needed for the gold mine. Segoi! The bus system seemed like a safe bet as you could buy an unlimited 2 day pass that allows you to take the bus to any of the stops. Here’s the catch, it’s incredibly confusing. The bus we took to get to the gold mine took about 2 hours as the bus stopped everywhere. Once we got there, the mine itself was pretty cool.

You are immediately greeted by a mountain missing its middle. This collapse was caused by hundreds of years of aggressive mining and has become a staple for the Sado Gold mine. I also ran into an old processing building overgrown with vines and which was neat. The mine itself was basically a museum. Good lighting, tiled flooring, and railings walking you from display A to display B. Signs everywhere explained what everything was. The entire tour must have lasted 10 minutes at the most then we were left waiting for the bus to come take us to the next attraction. After about 20 minutes we decided that it might be easier to walk down the road the bus took to check out some of the cool things we saw on the way up (particularly an old printing factory) and jump on the bus if it comes.

We made it to the press but then the bus was just coming up the mountain and after waiting another 20 minutes, we decided we were close enough to the main station that we should just walk back and see what the bus schedules are. Well it seems that not only do the busses only come every 2 or so hours, they don’t all cross paths. The main and seemingly only place that allows practical bus access to all of the attractions was the port that we were 2 hours away from. Knowing this, the only way we were going to make it to the other attractions was to wait for another bus that was going to take another hour at the least to get here and if it continued taking all the stops the first bus did it would take 4 hours to get to the point of interest, which was only a somewhat large rock! Needless to say, we took the bus back to barely catch the last ferry back to Niigata.

My advice of Sado Island: Rent a car next time!



  1. Fantastic job playing! Really wish I could have been there! The cello and acoustic of Nothing Else Matters will probably be better, and I cannot wait to see a video of it.

    One other thing… from your trip to Sado… Pictures?

    See you soon!

  2. So Paul here’s the thing…. when you are playing to ppl… DON’T SHUSH THEM!!!! hahhahah though that is such a Paul thing to do

    You guys sound good and the whole bus experience sounds well like an experience hahah

  3. Hey Paul, I saw your msn name and was intrigued because I was supposed to be in Japan this year too. Unfortunately things fell through for me but reading your blog was a nice way to live vicariously for now. Very entertaining and intriguing and also some amazing pics! I know it’s been a while since we have seen eachother/talked but if you have the chance send me a quick email! I have some questions for you(i.e. what company you are working for) and would love to catch up with you a bit!

  4. Everything sounds amazing paul, im soo happy for you. And glad that everthing is going well. You better get cracking on all that Japanese, theres lots to learn trust me i tried.
    Awesome job with the music Paul, and congrats on the new guitar lol

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