Posted by: pdot78 | October 1, 2008

Week 11: Are You American?

Hey Canada,

“I like Las Vegas….I like Transformers……..Cube?”

So I was wandering around Furumachi with Yoshie this weekend and a random Japanese man came up to me for the umpteenth time to tell me things in English. I think he is just trying to practice his English but Yoshie talked to him in Japanese a little bit and still thought the entire situation was ridiculous. Here is a typical outline of the “I went to North America once and want to practice my English” conversation.

*Your approached and immediately not greeted, but asked the main question they like to ask:

No, I’m Canadian.
(Insert Name of place in the United States, or Canada if they understand English a little better) – CAL’I’FOOO’NIA? I Like!
O that’s a nice place.
(Insert something[or a few things, usually completely unrelated] they like and know how to say in English) – TRANSFORMERS…..I LIKE!
That’s great! I like it too!
OK BYE! (They usually disappear as fast as they showed up, as if in a hurry)
See you.

Alright, so aside from that I met some more Japanese friends and a dude from Ottawa named drew. Turns out he went to UNB, which is funny because a lot of my family is from New Brunswick. Anyways, he’s pretty cool and can sing really well so we are playing the open mic that they do once a month in a restaurant in Furumachi. I will probably try to get someone to record it and post it up on the blog. Drew is going to sing and I am going to play guitar and probably do back up vocals. I also bought a new guitar, it’s amazing! I love it. I will be using it next week when we play. Here she is:

In other news I am still waiting for my first earthquake. I keep getting really close to them but they just miss me every time, what are the odds!

I’ve also decided I need to learn Japanese before Amie comes in December because someone will need to get us around the country. It’s going really well so far. I have already picked up a little bit having been surrounded in it but I think I will learn a lot more now. We shall see, wish me luck!




  2. Great job on phonetically nailing the Japanese accent!
    I really can’t wait for the open mic vid.
    Good Luck!

  3. I can’t wait to hear this open mic thing, make SURE it gets recorded!!!

    p.s. try the punch 😉

  4. p.s. chances are, I wouldn’t have seen you again since the summer anyways, but you being so far away still makes me feel like its been that much longer…..miss you buddy

  5. Hi Paul:

    Just getting caught up on your blogs, trying the imagine what this experience is like for you! I hope my kids will venture out sometime to do the same and experience our great vast world!!!!!

  6. Hahahaha

    So, I imagine you’ve been encountered by randoms like that many more times than just once, huh?


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