Posted by: pdot78 | September 22, 2008

Week 9: Fukushimagata Lagoon

Hey everyone,

This weekend was awesome! Saturday night was Masato’s (one of the teachers) going away party so everyone from work went out for dinner and drinks. This was a special Japanese style evening that was called Nomihodai. This means that you pay one price and for 2 or 3 hours you can drink as much as you want. Food was great as well and when I got home I was quite prepared for a good sleep.

On Sunday we went to the Fukushimagata Lagoon in Toyosaka. It is home to over 220 different kinds of birds and 450 different varieties of plants. Mika planned an awesome weekend here at the Ryofuso Inn. We got to stay in a traditional Japanese house with tatami mats and the paper sliding doors. It had super high ceilings too which always makes for a fun place to stay. We had a BBQ that night too and it was easily the best meal I have had in Japan. We spent the night talking, playing guitar, UNO, Jenga and this crazy block game Yoshie and Randy were unnaturally good at.

The lagoon itself was neat. It was cloudy and a little rainy so the entire place had a gray, dull feel to it. This worked out as it helped create the old, errie, abandoned environment with patches of colourful natural wonders showing up. Apparently monkeys occasionally come down to this area from their Gozu mountain range.

Another funny thing I found out the other day came from a nice lady I work with named Hiromi. She told me that in Japan when children lose their teeth they have a very different custom when compared to our North American idea of the “Tooth Fairy”. If your bottom teeth fall out, you are meant to throw it onto your roof for luck because they grow upward while if your top teeth fall out you toss them under your house. Neat eh?

Heres the pictures!



  1. Wonderful pictures, as always!
    How was the traditional accommodation? Tatami left you achey, or was it all just really cool?
    I think I need more pictures, more often!

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