Posted by: pdot78 | September 1, 2008

Week 6: Niigata City

Hey all,

Today I biked to one of the beaches I found during yesterdays random adventure and while I was watching the sunset I decided it’s about time to describe my town and Japan on a whole.

Niigata City

I live here. It is the main city on the North Eastern coast of Japan, overlooking Sado Island with a population of roughly 800,000. I live about a 2 minute walk from the Niigata Station in a very nice area surrounded by millions of restaurants. I was surprised at the sheer volume of upscale dining places surrounding my place. It kind of reminds me of Niagara on the Lake if it were merged with Toronto, given a clean beach and surrounded by mountains.

The city itself is very efficient. It is really easy to get around in Niigata and once you figure out where the main roads, buildings and landmarks are, you basically cannot get lost. There is a large number of stores, enormous malls, restaurants, Western food places (KFC, Starbucks, Baskin Robins and Mc Donalds seem to be the main ones) and within a 5 minute drive, 20 minute bike ride I can be at the beaches.

The great part about this city is the fact that it is only large and busy in the core and once you leave the business and shopping districts, your presented with a much calmer, smaller feeling, relaxed environment. This is due to the fact that the population is incredibly spread out across a large area of land that I would guess was never part of the city in the beginning. The beach itself is neat and with the parks, trails, beach themed shops, walkways and restaurants it feels like you just escaped the city for a resort. I found it this weekend in one of my random excursions. I am going to start going there to read and watch the sun set on weekends. There’s a fantastic breeze and I found a raised sand patch on the beach that I can sit on and let my feet soak while I read and think about life. I am also making it a goal to go there one morning and do karate while the sun rises. Having the mountains close at hand is also a great feeling as I always have some new adventures waiting for when I get bored.

I think I am almost ready to write a post on cultural differences so that will probably come up soon. Other then that I go back to work tomorrow and come home in 10 and a half months!

O and I took the picture a few hours ago when the sun went down from that spot I was talking about.



  1. Niigata City sounds AMAZING… there is something there for everyone it seems

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