Posted by: pdot78 | August 27, 2008

Week 5: Sumo Wrestling

Hey all,

Last weekend I went to see a traditional Japanese Sumo wrestling match! It was pretty cool to see! There is however a lot of waiting and after the first few matches you have pretty much seen everything you will see for the remaining 5 hours worth of Sumo!

Here is my synopsis of a Sumo match:

1) Man in fancy outfit comes into the ring and sings a song from a paper fan that apparently has lyrics printed on it.

2) Sumos come into the ring, come closer, squat down as if they are ready to start but then just when you think the wrestling is about to start, they break the moment and grab some salt.

3) They throw the salt around and then resume the build up which in turn is broken a third time.

4) They finally get their sumo action on and after some pushing the match is usually over within 10 or 20 seconds

5) They bow to one another and you wait about 3 or 4 minutes before the guy comes back out to sing the same song and start the process over again!

So in conclusion it was great to experience but definitely not anything I need to redo. A fun side note though was that almost every other wrestler was being called Yokozuna, which was the name of a wrestler in the WWF back in the 90s and apparently also means grand master Sumo too!

The Sado Island festival was a total bust. It ended up raining all weekend and since the festival is outdoors and we were planning on sleeping on the beach we decided not to go. This of course worked out in my favour since I still have a cold I got from climbing Fuji last week and needed the rest. In addition to that, I got the chance to go find a borderline junk electric guitar to bang around on while I search for a nice 12 string acoustic to buy.

My quest led me to a beat up, Aria Pro II “Magna Series” that I managed to find in a junk store for 5000 yen! This guitar is definitely from the 80’s and has a few dead frets but is totally worth $50 as it would be $200 in a pawn shop back home! It also came with a free case, a stand for 300 yen($3) and a strap for another 300 yen!

Aside from that I got a free external hard drive for my computer by figuring out a complex Japanese coupon system that came with my internet promising me $100 to buy anything for just showing up in the store with the right pieces of paper. It took me about a week of figuring out before I decided I had the right papers and dared the potential awkward “nobody understands anything the other person is saying” conversation that I have on almost all social interactions with the Japanese.

Also, I am adding this orange jello thing that I bought the other day to my list because it looked exactly like a fruit cup but when opened turned out to be a gross jello based treat for the garbage to enjoy!

Fruit punch too. All fruit punch mixes in Japan seem to be a collaboration of my least favourite fruits!



  1. Are you feeling any better?

    P.S. I have updates so come online

  2. I’m feeling a bit better, Fuji got me pretty good though. Ill be online this weekend, you can update me then I would guess

  3. I promise I will send you cereal soon!

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