Posted by: pdot78 | August 16, 2008

Obon Week Part 3: Nikko

Hey people,

This is part 3 of a really, really long post about Obon Week. If you don’t want the ridiculous details about the week the summary is that I went to a fireworks show and climbed Mt. Fuji. Alright, resuming story…..

After the mountain we were at the Kawaguchiko station deciding whether we should go straight to Nikko or try Tokyo and spend the night there when we found out Rick had left his wallet on the bus and had gone chasing after it, leaving everyone with no way of contacting him or letting him know where everyone went.

This changed plans as everyone just decided that the fun thing to do would be to stay at a hostel in Kawaguchiko for the night. In light of our new free time we decided to go to an onsen. An onsen is a traditional Japanese bath house in which everyone walks around naked and sits in warm tubs after having showered and cleaned themselves off. The onsen also had relaxing common rooms with tea and massaging chairs. Overall I found the experience to be relaxing as I had just climbed the mountain but boring overall as I could sit in a hot tub without having to be naked.

Our hostel itself was awesome. The old man who ran it was pretty funny as he only allowed people to have showers between the hours of 630 and 8. Rick was conveniently there while we were at the onsen and the old man made him go take a shower, but then showed up in the shower a few minutes later. The ironic part about this was that Rick was uncomfortable with the onsen in the first place so he didn’t go and yet there he was, in a group shower with the crazy old man, haha. We were also woken up by this man who began blaring classical music until about 7 when he decided to stop the music and begin telling people to get up via megaphone. After this place we jumped on the train and headed to Tokyo to get Kate.

Once we found her, we headed to Nikko but between all the travelling we didn’t get there until about 4. It was absolutely pouring in Nikko and the last train left pretty early so we decided we should try and get a hotel or hostel or something for the night but the town was completely sold out so we only had a few hours to see what we could.

Nikko is absolutely beautiful. Its tucked deep into the mountains, has tons of amazing temples (one of which is the most lavishly decorated in Japan), has about 20 waterfalls close at hand and is close to a National Park. We managed to make it out to the Toshogu Shrine but it was closed so we only got to see the Pagoda and the Shinkyo Bridge. I am definitely coming back there in winter with Amie and then again in spring with my parents when they come to visit.

I think that’s about it on my end of things, we left Nikko and it took about 4 hours to get home and I was exhausted.

Tomorrow is the Sumo wrestling match and this weekend is the Sado Island Earth Celebration which is apparently really awesome!

Here are the pictures from Obon week, enjoy!



  1. Photos are beautiful, as always!

  2. Where’s the new post?

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