Posted by: pdot78 | July 21, 2008

Day 2: Okayama Adventures

Hey all,

I am still in Okayama. Our ‘intense’ training starts tomorrow so we still
had today to go running around the city.

We walked through a market in the city and at the end everyone decided it was too humid and went home. I however, was curious about a ferris wheel on the top of one of the surrounding hills on the outskirts of town so I continued on without them. I ended up passing a pretty neat temple and a Zoo on my way over and when I got there I noticed some monuments on one of the other hills a little further down from the oddly placed ferris wheel. I followed some side streets and alleyways and eventually made my way up the hill to find that the entire side was covered with monuments as it was an enormous graveyard. It was neat and gave a great view of the city from the top. I took some pictures but an odd feature of my camera is limiting my ability to take pictures when it is really bright outside.

I think the view of the city will be much better when it is dark outside so I will probably make my way back with a few of the others later this week. I wont be allowed to upload any more pictures until August though because I have apparently reached my limit for the month. Its not that bad though because I will be in training for the rest of the week and wont arrive in Niigata until the 28th or 29th so there wont be anything new to photograph.

I also had my first cultural setback today. It is ridiculously humid in Okayama so logically as we were wandering around the town I was dehydrated. I saw a vending machine and a product called Aquarius that looked like water. I bought it preparing to be refreshed and it ended up being some sort of grapefruit drink. This didn’t exactly bother me but I was still thirsty and hate grapefruit so I gave the drink to Matt (one of the other Amity guys being trained) and kept the bottle to refill with actual water later. We continue wandering and end up in a Japanese arcade that Matt wanted to go into and witnessed some sort of Japanese teen bully going around persuading kids fo get off of the machines. Actually, I ended up missing the bullies entirely because I was enchanted by some kid playing a tapping machine faster then I can think. Anyways, we go to the grocery store about an hour later and I purchase a large jug of “Super H2O” and get excited to finally have cold water only to find out that its the same grapefruit drink!

I am adding both Aquarius and Super H2O to my list of things I am never trying again. They ought to keep lemon lemon company.

Alright, training starts tomorrow so I will give a post either mid week or near the end to summarize my experience and then we are off to Niigata!



  1. hahah didn’t you know? the lemon lemon company controls all the liquids in japan muwhahaha

    everything over there is flavoured in some strange fashion haha. even some of the coke is pretty intense haha

  2. awwww hahahahha lots of grapefruit stuff lol….

    so have you found water yet???? hope so

  3. Dude that is pretty ridiculous and funny. Who would have though Super H2O in japan was grapefruit juice hahaha

  4. The whole finding something to drink would be a lot easier if you actually liked tea! There are so many variations there! Try one, you might like it.

    Keep on exploring, don’t tick off the locals, like in Spain, and remember I love you and I’m proud of you!

    Can’t wait until you are settled in Niigata!

  5. Paul I wish incredibly fast typing skills upon you when you return from the East.

  6. Oh paul, its just like you to wander a completely new city all by yourself, walking to who knows where, through those empty alleys and scary graveyards haha. At least we know you’re safe and sound. But please try to stay hydrated hehe ^_^

  7. Well that is food science sticking it to you

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