Posted by: pdot78 | July 20, 2008

Day 1: Okayama Castle & Koraku-en Garden

Hey Guys,

So I arrived safely in Japan late last night and we were immediately rushed from Osaka to the company headquarters in Okayama. The flight took forever and was really cold and I had to list the wrong city on my immigration form ( I didn’t know my actual address but had the company headquarters listed on one of my letters so I took a gamble with that) but I made it in alright. I did however get the chance to try out my first Japanese vending machine to sample a drink called lemon lemon which was actually pretty terrible, haha.

We were all exhausted by the time we got settled and passed out until this morning when we woke up and walked around the area. We have 2 days to ourselves before training begins so I went to Okayama Castle with a few of the other guys. Okayama Castle or the “Crow’s Castle” is neat because its one of the only traditional Castles that was painted black instead of white, although this one was actually rebuilt in 1966 after WWII destroyed the original.

Anyways we went here and to the Garden after which was awesome and made me feel a little better about being on the opposite end of the world with absolutely no clue what to do.

We start training this week and I am not sure what will be happening tomorrow so this might be it for Okayama.

I bought a tri-pod today at some crazy technology store for 2000 yen!

Here is a link to the pictures from today’s adventure (Click the sentence after this):



  1. Sweet pictures paul… i like the crazy looking boardwalk over the creek. craziness.

  2. HIIIII! i checked your blog and you have pics up already, wow you work fast. everything looks cool i like the pylon and the knot hahaha jk i like the flowers the best, is 2000 yen a lot?!

  3. Paul those pictures look amazing… i’m looking forward to seeing more and reading another blog, so you better get on that

  4. Nope, 2000 yen is about $20, it was such a great deal!

  5. Amazing photos as always hunny! The night shot of Okayama you sent me is gorgeous, the month is almost over, I can’t wait for your next upload of photos!

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