Posted by: pdot78 | July 17, 2008

Goodbye Canada :(

(^another Banff picture I forgot about on my computer)

All right everyone the day is here!

I leave Canada tomorrow morning and I am surprisingly calm. I am not sure whether the realization that I am actually going has yet to hit me or I am just that crazy. Either way I am packed and ready to go…..bring it on Japan!

I am flying into Osaka from Chicago. The flight is going to take about 13 hours and I have a feeling I wont be on one of the newly refinished planes so I have packed a lot of books, some candy, and my moose neck pillow.

My first week in Japan will be spent at the company’s head office being trained on how to teach the company method. If I do not post anything during this week it means I do not have internet. I move into Niigata the next week and should hopefully have internet (and will definitely have pictures) by then.

Last but most importantly……Addresses!!!

If you ever want to receive a postcard or something wacky from Japan you had best be listing your mailing address (or emailing it to me if you don’t want to post it on the blog) in the response section of this post.

Sayonarra Canada!



  1. hey
    so i guess i’m starting this whole address thing

    5901 Hennepin Cres
    L2G 2Z8

    you know the rest

  2. looks like your up to your usual fun and random adventures again
    i think you should retire into phogoraphy ! your pictures are wicked,,i want to frame some of them actually.

    1158 Sunset drive, Fenwick On
    L0S 1C0, P.O Box 230

    Looking forward to more!

  3. If you want to send my parents something…

    Box 52
    Gunton, MB
    R0C 1H0

  4. Paul, miss you tons already… ps. alex isnt moving to Toronto he moved back today haha
    but yes, yers i would LOVE something from Japan who wouldnt lol
    6400 huggins st apt 306
    L2J 1H1

  5. damn wrong post code its L2J 3G5 WOOPS haha

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